BradFab Ind. 'Welder' Series Steering Wheel

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Our new line of steering wheels is the cooler than the other side of the pillow - werd up. Welding isn't something new, but we're trying to build rad shit for the guys out there who grind 8-8 five days a week but still want to do a cheesesteak run on a Saturday night. Our wheels will hold up to daily use, daily abuse and the constant frustration generated by traffic on 76 - ya heard. The Welder Series wheel was actually our first installment, and a deep dished tri-spoke wheel crafted from 1.5" dia. aluminum tubing that has been fully rolled and tig welded to perfection. Unlike the other wheels, each wheel we build is slightly different because we're artists, not machines. Standard six bolt hub configuration makes this jawn easily mountable to your favorite NRG quick release hub. BONUS!



Note: Please specify your color combination using the drop down menu - the selection of 'none' yields a raw aluminum wheel. Please allow 7-10 days for your wheel to be crafted - they're all made by hand and not stocked. This isn't amazon, dammit!